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    ☆ The jacquard system adopts France technical and the original belt from German, stable speed, low cost of repairing.\n☆ Adopts lastest aerial material and the surface treatment technical, sharply reduce the machine weight, easy operate and long life\nworking.\n☆ Different hook number can be selected by the customer.\n☆Jacquard assemble controlled by computer, quick and precision jacquard weave.\n☆Adopts unique design centre shaft, adjust conveniently and easily.\n☆ Professional computerized software,Its easy to make the complicated and delicate pattern designs.


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    Manufacture widened and thickened narrow fabric such as PP strap, cotton strap, safety belt and flexible belt. The patterns creation is       controlled with 12-16 pieces of shedding frames. The ribbon quantity is freely selected within 2-12. And the width can be selected from least     to 150mm.\n- V5 new structure, with vertical jacquard rope angle and 1/2 weaving angle; smoother edge of fabrics, higher speed and more stable, better   edge locking quality.

    Machine features:
    – Random chain type can be used. Customers may make arrangement according to different patterns. Card plates
    are connected in nylon agraffe mode. Thus it becomes easier to change pattern. The accuracy rate is high and the
    dismantlement is simple.
    – Automatic recycling lubricating device. The maintenance is easy, and noise is low and machine parts have longer
    – Yarn breakage and automatic stopping, and alarm lights and quick braking of motor efficiently reduce the waste of
    yarns and the production of waste belts.
    – Mechanical and electrical parts work precisely. Double power control is applied firstly in the industry. With length
    counter, it becomes safer and convenient.
    – The machine structure is precise and its design is reasonable. The parts employ high quality materials and precise
    processing. The rate of depreciation is low and the supply is quick.

    Special devices:
    Automatic rubber feeding Weft feeding with belts Front collecting Back collecting device Double take off roller weighting Double hook   Double weft Double binder-thread device