Model NO.of yarn(Piece) Voltage(v) Power Speed(T/M) Pressure(P) Middle Distance(m)
XVA192 192 220 2 0-300 5 3
XVA160 160 220 2 0-300 5 3
XVA140 140 220 2 0-300 5 3


☆ Warping yarns and adjusting the tightness degree of yarns.

Machine features:
☆ The-state-of-arts variable frequency adjustable speed control allows the machine running more stable. Electronic
length counter can set length according to requirements. The machine will stop when it achieves the length, avoiding
the waste of yarns. In addition, alarm device is available. Automatic stopping will act in case of yarn breakage. Alarm
light is provided. The operation is simple and convenient.
☆ Warp tension adjustor ensures the optimal tension required. The steel buckle for passing yarns can be adjusted
according to the warp density. Pneumatic device allows the easy dismantlement of warp beam.
☆ The transmission is achieved by the friction between plastic wheel and warp beam. The friction force can be adjusted by
air pressure, to make the yarns on warp beam meet desirable requirement.

Special devices:
☆ The rubber wheel size and the position quantity of creel can be customized.

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